Get Ready to Celebrate!!!

While last week’s truth, “I am a Creature” was true of every single human being, this week we will begin exploring the radical change that happens when someone enters into a personal relationship with Jesus!  Indeed the rest of Jerry Bridges’ book Who Am I? will be devoted to answering the question, “Who am I as a Christian?”  There are seven truths that he will be helping us unpack in the next seven weeks.

All are vital parts of our identity in Christ!  But please note, this first one, “I am in Christ” is the most important of them all!  Indeed the remaining six truths all rest on this foundation.

Merriam-Webster defines foundation as:


 noun \fan-ˈdā-shən\

: a usually stone or concrete structure that supports a building from underneath

: something (such as an idea, a principle, or a fact) that provides support for something

As such foundations are vitally important!

The first time I was processing this chapter I was so impacted by this reality it became a key part of my art journal page.

photo 4

(and yes, this is proof it’s not about the art!  ;0)

As you process this chapter can it ever help you better understand the gospel as well as who you are in Christ!  Remember, there is someone who does NOT want you knowing and growing!  Beware of ways the enemy may try to sidetrack you or keep you from moving forward in this journey!

This is why it’s so vital you start in prayer and continue in prayer throughout this whole journey.  Ask the Lord to help you find time to do this and bind the enemy in Jesus’ name from any way he might try to hinder or sidetrack you.  And ask the Lord to help you even better understand the good news of what Jesus has done for you and what a difference an even firmer grasp of this can make in your daily life.

If you’re like me, are you ever in for a treat as you celebrate this week’s wonderful, life changing truth!

Our God is an awesome God!  Has He ever given us reason to rejoice!!!


NOTE:  You can start this journey at any time, but if you’re ready to move on into the second chapter click above where it says “Week 2.”  The videos were just loaded today and are ready for you!

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