And We’re Off!!!

Welcome to the start of the Who Am I? Online Art Journaling Course!  Am I ever looking forward to sharing the next eight weeks with you! :0)  I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve art journaled my way through Jerry Bridges’ book but without fail each time the Lord reveals new treasures to ponder and apply.  There truly are a ton of life-changing insights contained in this little book!

Now if you’re new to art journaling, let me encourage you before you even dive into week one of this course to take a few moments and at the start of your art journal create a permission page.

 Screenshot 2014-09-14 00.28.14

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy but can it ever be a great first step in getting the most out of this course.

When I created my page I gave myself permission:

To make mistakes!

To experiment

To make a mess!

To have fun :0)

To make time for this!

To view mistakes as opportunities to try something new! (this has been the best permission of all!!! I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve “discovered” a new technique when what I originally planned went south!)

To not try to create something that looks impressive

To spend money buying new materials

What can you add to this?  Another great one is to not tear out pages when you don’t like the result.  Remember it’s about the processing, not the art.  It’s not about creating something you’ll hang up on a wall or someone will clamor to buy but using the other side of your brain (talk about loving the Lord will all of your mind!) so you can further process what He’s teaching you and better live it out for His glory!

So have fun with this first assignment!  ;0)  Be sure to ask the Lord to bring to mind all the things you need to give yourself permission to do to fully benefit from this course!  And may He richly bless the time you spend with Him as you do this!

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