This Week’s Truth to Treasure: I Am A Creature

PART 1:  Introduction and Reading Assignment

I just did it again.  Spent the day living as if I didn’t have limits, almost nonstop meeting with people.  At the time, as an extrovert, I was just enjoying the interaction.  But now… well, let’s just say my body is reminding me I overdid it.  With my severe hearing loss I really should only spend 4 hours a day listening (or rather reading lips) or my brain ends up working too hard and getting fried.  I expect tomorrow you won’t be able to scrape me off the floor.  Sometimes I can so relate to Eve.  I’d like to be like God – available 24/7 with unlimited capacity, able to do whatever I set my mind on doing, no limits, no boundaries… but that’s not reality.  Not mine or any other human being!  And truth be told, that’s a good thing…

Welcome to chapter one in our journey with Jerry Bridges as we dive into our very first truth about our identity:  I am a creature. Oh how I need this reminder!  And do I ever need to learn how to live my life actively responding to it!  Am I ever looking forward to sharing this journey with you!

Reading Assignment:  Read chapter one in Jerry Bridges’ book Who Am I? pages 7-15.

Be sure to read with a pen in hand (colored if possible! ;0)  and underline the things that stand out to you – this will be a huge help as you seek to further process and discuss this chapter with others.


PART 2:  Creative Processing…!

Recommended Materials:  Art Journal, permanent markers, stamp pads (optional for background), yarn or raffia for timeline (or you can just draw these with a marker :0)


1.  Create a background for your page.  You can do this with any neutral color either through using a stamp pad brushed repeatedly across the page (or pads if you’d like a textured effect) or using either watercolor or acrylic paint – fill the page with color.  (and note this step is totally optional you can also draw this exercise on a totally white sheet of paper!)

2.  Towards the top of the page draw a horizontal line (or glue one on using yarn or raffia) across the page and right above it write:  “My plans:”

3.  Using this line create a timeline outlining how you thought your life would be from graduation until the present.

4.  Underneath that line draw a second horizontal line (or glue one on using yarn or raffia) and right above it write:  “My reality:”

5.  Using this second line create a timeline outlining what actually happened in your life from graduation till the present.

6.  At the bottom of the page create a variety of gift boxes.

7.  Inside each box write down the gifts you’ve received from the Lord as a result of your reality being what it is rather than what you planned.

OPTIONAL:  Take a picture of your page and share it via Instagram and/or facebook using the hash tag #WhoAmIartjournalingcourse


PART 3:  Identify Your Application & Live It Out! :0)

Now you can read, create an awesome art journal page, and it not make much difference in your life.  Where the rubber really meets the road is when you apply what you’re learning in the trenches as you’re living life.  Jerry helps us wrap our hands around this key truth, and the art journaling can help us process and better remember it, but what could it look like if you really lived out the reality of this truth, remembering that you are a creature, utterly dependent upon the Lord.  What would you need to do for this to happen?  And as a result how could your life be different?

Let me encourage you – after you’ve read and art journaled the chapter take time to write in the comment section below how you intend to apply this truth to your life this week.  There is something very powerful about sharing your intentions with others.

Remember you want to keep your application SMART:

Specific (not vague, so you’ll know what to do!)

Measurable (how will you know whether you’ve completed it or not?)

Accountable (can it ever help to share with a friend or post on the comments section below what you intend to do!)

Realistic (don’t think “Hey! Jerry quotes from Galatians a lot in this chapter.  I’ll memorize the entire book by tomorrow!” but memorizing one verse certainly is doable!)

Timely (not “By the time I’m fifty I’ll…”  One friend suggests you select something you can do in the next 24 hours that will only take 5 minutes or less.)


NOTE:  If you’d like more specifics on how I have a quiet time, you can find an article entitled, “The Treasure of Shared Quiet Times” that explains this in more detail here:



Take a moment to share your application in the comments section below and then feel free to comment again sharing how it went or what you learned from it after you did it!  This is our community board!  Your chance to interact with each other – so feel free to respond to each other and encourage one another too!

This also serves as my prayer board!  Yes!  As you head through this journey know I am lifting you up and reading through your applications provides me with specific things to pray for!  And considering Ephesians 3: 19-21,

“Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us, to Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus, throughout all generations forever and ever!”

I can’t wait to hear how the Lord answers these prayers!!!



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