Week 7

This Week’s Truth to Treasure: I Am a Servant

PART 1:  Introduction & Reading Assignment

Oh how I love this week’s chapter because it infuses such value into everything we do!  With the Lord there is no such thing as sacred work vs. secular work.  If you belong to Jesus, you are called to do whatever you do for the Lord as working for Him and not for men!

Reading Assignment:  Read chapter seven in Jerry Bridges’ book “Who Am I”  pages 75-86.

Be sure to read with a pen in hand (colored if possible! ;0)  and underline the things that stand out to you – this will be a huge help as you seek to further process and discuss this chapter with others.  And remember – don’t just underline new thoughts or concepts, sometimes the Lord may take you back to something you learned a while ago giving you opportunity to process on an even deeper level!

PART 2:  Creative Processing…!!!  

In the video we demonstrate two different ideas for art journaling the truth in this chapter.  Mine came directly from Jerry Bridges’ suggestion to keep in mind a business card with the words “Servant of Jesus Christ” printed on it.  But oh how I loved the way Kristen thought through the many ways she currently serves and collaged pictures into a personal outline!  Feel free to create whichever you’d like – or even come up with something new!  Remember, the goal is to create something that helps you process what the Lord has highlighted for you and wants you to focus on.  We just offer these ideas to help give you a jumpstart if you need one! ;0)

RECOMMENDED MATERIALS:  Art Journal, stamp pads, magazines (my favorite? Martha Stewart’s Living because the pictures in it are so great!), markers, colored paper, glue sticks, scissors


1.  Draw a business card in the center of your page.

2.  Write on this your name, the various jobs you do and finally “Servant of Jesus Christ”

3.  Use a stamp pad brushed across the page to provide background.

4.  If there were any quotes that stood out to you write them on the page.

Or if you’d rather do what Kristen did…

1.  Select a pretty piece of paper that brings you joy and glue it into your art journal

2.  Draw an outline of your shoulders and head

3.  Look through magazines to find pictures that represent different ways you serve

4.  Cut those pictures out and glue them inside the outline you drew.

OPTIONAL:  Take a picture of your page and share it via Instagram and/or facebook using the hash tag #WhoAmIartjournalingcourse


PART 3:  Identify Your Application & Live It Out! :0)

What an honor it is to be a servant of the Lord!  It was a key way the the apostle Paul introduced himself in his letters.  What role does this part of your identity play in your life?  How does it make you feel to know you have received a divine calling from God to serve others in a particular role?

Oh how I loved that illustration of the car salesman who went from selling cars, to helping people buy cars after he became a Christian!  Is there anything in your perspective about your work that you sense the Lord wants you to change so you can better serve Him?  This really is where the rubber meets the road – when we seek to apply this truth in our everyday life.

I know for me as I’m going through this book once again, I really sense the Lord giving new insights into how He wants me to have more focus in the way I’m serving.  Is this ever helping me decide what I should say yes and no to!  But I didn’t realize that right away.

Effectively applying God’s truth in our lives often requires time to prayerfully process and sometimes we don’t get it right the first time around!  Remember a key part of learning is trying new things and failing – we can learn so much from this!  So don’t be surprised if your first attempt at application isn’t a rousing success! Instead keep interacting with Jesus while you’re applying. He really is an amazing transforming teacher!  May you learn all He wants you to learn as you seek to live out what you’ve taken in this week!



And if you’d like prayer for your application, be sure to share it in the comments section below.  It’s always a joy to join in with what the Lord is doing through prayer!











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  1. Beverly Harris
    Mar 20, 2019 @ 20:41:51

    shared a little art journaling with the grandkids and not long after saw a beautiful colorful soaring bird encircled with a Bible verse on a drawing paper- their mom said what I shared inspired one of the girls to try her hand at it 🙂 Thanks !


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