Week 2

This Week’s Truth to Treasure:  I Am In Christ

PART 1:  Introduction & Reading Assignment

Who are you as a Christian?  In this chapter Jerry Bridges unpacks the biblical answer to this question in a rich and meaningful way.  Don’t rush your way through as you read it.  Instead let me encourage you to take time to pause and worship, letting these truths and realities result in praise to the One who so amazingly made this possible!  Out of this entire book, this is without doubt THE most important chapter as it can really help you better understand the gospel of Jesus Christ as well as who you are in Him.

Reading Assignment:  Read chapter two in Jerry Bridges’ book Who Am I?  pages 17-26.

Underline whatever stands out to you with a colored pencil or pen.  You may find it especially helpful to do some pre-art journaling by quickly sketching out the things that stand out to you.  I found that to be a HUGE help in further processing this week’s content and in preparing to create my art journal page.

PART 2: Creative Processing…!!!  

Now some of you may be able to dive right into creating your art journaling page without any input from us – and that’s totally fine!  But I know it often helps get me jump started seeing ideas of what others have created.  This is why we’ve created the following video.  Don’t feel like you have to do exactly what we did.  You certainly can!  But there may be a whole other idea the Lord has highlighted for you or He may have given you totally different art techniques for expressing what’s on your heart!  By all means follow Him!  And may you enjoy some sweet time in His presence as you creatively process!

If you would like to replicate what I did, here are the instructions:

RECOMMENDED MATERIALS:  Art Journal, Colored paper or cardstock, permanent markers, scissors, glue or glue stick, to make the paper figures you can trace around cookie cutters, or google “image gingerbread man” or “image paper dolls” to get an outline you can cut out, or have fun cutting freestyle! ;0)


1.  Pray! :0)  Ask the Lord to bless and guide your time creatively processing – asking Him to help you further understand this truth about your identity in Christ, and to guide you as you seek to further process while creating an art journal page.

2.  Select a piece of paper for your background.  Glue it onto a page in your art journal, then if needed, cut down to size.

3.  Cut out two people – one to represent Adam, the other to represent Christ then glue them onto the page.

4.  Then write on the top of the page “EVERYONE is either:” and you can add at the bottom “In Adam” or “In Christ”

4.  Find a picture of yourself from before you became a Christian (I took a picture with my iphone of a picture then printed it out) and one from after you became a Christian (I took one the same day I created the page using my phone then printed that out).

5.  Glue the picture from before you became a Christian onto the figure representing Adam.

6. Then write on this figure what was true about you when you were in Adam.  I wrote 1.  spiritually dead, 2.  slave to sin, 3.  under the wrath of God.

7.  Next glue the picture from after you became a Christian onto the figure representing Christ.  On top of this I wrote “Christ is in me, I am in Christ”  – though feel free to write whatever stands out to you from what you’ve been learning!

8.  Then feel free to embellish the page with whatever stands out to you!  I drew a branch with a vine growing up from it under the picture of me in Christ and then placed fruit all over the vine.  And as I did so I was praying asking the Lord to help me keep abiding in Him and being yielded to all He wants to do in my life to grow me.

OPTIONAL:  Take a picture of your page and share it via Instagram and/or facebook using the hash tag #WhoAmIartjournalingcourse

PART 3:  Identify Your Application & Live It Out! :0)
Remember, the most important part of this course isn’t reading Jerry’s book or creating an art journal page but living out what you’re learning.  Kristen and I each share below our applications. As you listen be considering, “What might the Lord want you to do in response to this week’s truth?”  There’s no better way to treasure His truth than by living it out.  I find when I do so, when I act on what I’m learning, it always seems to sink so much deeper into the depths of my being… and make a radical difference in my life!


Now the ball is in your court!  What will you do in response to what you’ve just learned?  What difference will knowing this make in your life?  Creating a page where you write down what you plan to do can be such a help in actually doing it as it!  As can sharing what you plan to do below in the comments.  And may the Lord richly bless you as you do what He’s laying on your heart!

You’re in our prayers!

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