Week 6

This Week’s Truth to Treasure: I Am a Saint

PART 1:  Introduction & Reading Assignment

Saint Debbie?  Believe it or not, Yes!!!  And if you are in Christ it’s true for you too!  :0)  And every believer around you.  What a privilege!  And what a difference it can make when we wrap our brains (and hearts!) around this truth…  Can it ever motivate us to live as we really are!

Reading Assignment:  Read chapter six in Jerry Bridges’ book “Who Am I”  pages 65-73.

Be sure to read with a pen in hand (colored if possible! ;0)  and underline the things that stand out to you – this will be a huge help as you seek to further process and discuss this chapter with others.

PART 2:  Creative Processing…!!!  

RECOMMENDED MATERIALS:  Art Journal, acrylic paint, brush, water, permanent colored markers.


1.  When you hear the word “saint” what picture come to mind?  Draw this on a page in your art journal.  That was a huge thought for me, so I painted a picture based on what I’d just seen in Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in New York city, where people had placed on a small altar request cards for people to pray that they’d become saints – granted I painted a very simple picture!  And then I wrote “Saint Debbie” in large letters and a couple key thoughts from the book concerning this.

2.  Or if you’d rather do what Kristen did, take a sheet of paper and three different acrylic paints and just have fun painting all over the page, layering the paint.

3.  Then google “hands image” and find one that looks like what you want.  Kristen used her ipad and put the page from her journal on top of it and traced it.  This is a wonderful help when there’s something specific in mind that you’d like to draw but don’t feel confident drawing it.  In truth, one of my friends who is an amazing artist, googles pictures of things she likes to draw because she says it can be so helpful to have a picture of what you want to draw in front of you.

4.  Then Kristen tore the first sheet of paper into small pieces and placed them around the hands she drew, glueing them in place.

5.  Then she wrote a quote from the book that stood out to her.

OPTIONAL:  Take a picture of your page and share it via Instagram and/or facebook using the hash tag #WhoAmIartjournalingcourse


PART 3:  Identify Your Application & Live It Out! :0)

In the book Jerry focuses a lot on the responsibilities that come along with the privilege of being a saint – not things we do to earn our sainthood or God’s favor, but out of response to God’s incredible love and mercy towards us.

Can this ever supply a rich source of ideas for application!

So what stood out to you?  And what do you think the Lord is leading you to do in response?  After you process this in prayer, create a page writing down what you intend to do to apply this chapter, to actively live it out in your life this week.

And may the Lord pour on the grace enabling you to abound in doing what He’s leading you to do!  (2 Corinthians 9:8)



Show and Tell!  Did you ever take part in this in Elementary School?  What a wonderful way it is to wrap up our journey each week!

Through our applications we are seeking to show (aka make evident) the truth that we’ve just taken in!  As we do so we experience a great spiritual workout!  And when we tell others what the Lord is doing in our life ~ wow!  That just adds to the internal impact.

Remember embracing our identity in Christ isn’t about acquiring head knowledge, but about life change, and in the process we truly are being transformed!

So be sure to show and tell ~ in the comments section below but also share with others around you.  I know, for me, the more I share my journey with others, well it’s not like I’m just passing info on to them, but even my sharing is part of the transformative journey!

And if you’re struggling, please feel free to share that too!  Indeed God works mightily through our struggles as we’ll really see in the next chapter…! ;0)


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  1. Bev Harris
    Mar 11, 2019 @ 14:34:22

    able share art journaling Christ’s Forgiveness for a Sunday School class.. responsive pre-teens.. thanks!!


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