Week 5

This Week’s Truth to Treasure: I am a New Creation!

PART 1:  Introduction & Reading Assignment

Do you ever struggle, hearing the enemy whisper, “Just go ahead and do it…  You know you’re going to anyway… So why try to fight it?”

What a help this chapter can be in combatting those lies!

Are you ever in for a treat this week!  May the Lord pour on the grace helping us all to truly embrace this week’s truth in the depths of our hearts, the new heart He’s blessed us with!

Reading Assignment:  Read chapter five in Jerry Bridges’ book “Who Am I”  pages 53-64.

Be sure to read with a pen in hand (colored if possible! ;0)  and underline the things that stand out to you – this will be a huge help as you seek to further process and discuss this chapter with others.



PART 2:  Creative Processing…!!!  

RECOMMENDED MATERIALS:  Art Journal, permanent markers, water colors, brush,


1.  When we talk about art journaling, the journaling is just as important as the art.  For this week’s creative processing I chose to highlight the 7 responsibilities we have been given that Jerry lists at the end of the chapter on page 63.  Creatively recording things that stand out to you can have a huge impact on you internalizing them

2.  First I took the water colors and dipping my brush in water and then in the red paint, I painted a free form red heart in the center of a page in my journal.  (note:  If you use gouache – a type of water color – it’s preferable to first write what you want to write with a permanent pen as there is clay in that paint that can wreck on your pens or colored pencils and ruin them if you try to write on top of it!  I was just using an inexpensive water color set I got from Michaels :0)

3. Then I creatively recorded a short summary of each of the seven things that Jerry listed.

4.  And on the opposite page I used more of the red water color to do a background and then wrote down a key quote that stood out to me from the chapter and then decorated the page using fine colored markers.

5.  That’s it!  This week was a rather simple affair!  But that’s one thing I love about art journaling – you can spend hours making a page or just a few minutes but both can still be impactful!  Just follow Jesus in this! And please don’t put off doing something because you don’t have a lot of time!  Sometimes I’ll do a quick page, very simply with just a regular pen or pencil and then come back later and spend more time creating a more elaborate page on top of this when I have time!  It’s a great way to review!  And to keep you moving forward!  Remember… it’s NOT about the art!!!

OPTIONAL:  Take a picture of your page and share it via Instagram and/or facebook using the hash tag #WhoAmIartjournalingcourse


PART 3:  Identify Your Application & Live It Out! :0)

Talk about a packed chapter!!!  I think I could’ve created at least a dozen pages on this chapter alone!  So not surprisingly I found a ton of things to apply here!

What stood out to you?  I love to go back through the chapter just reading the things I underlined and praying through them, discussing each with the Lord and asking where He wants me to respond by living out what I’ve taken in.  And you know, time after time I’m blown away by the ideas He gives – as well as how He helps me actually do these!

Be sure to create a page highlighting the key things He lays on your heart.  I find when it’s just an idea in my head, it can stay a bit vague… and I’m less likely to do it!  But when I take the time to actually write out “this is my application:”  that really helps facilitate me actually doing it!  Have fun!  But don’t feel like this has to be anything elaborate!  The goal isn’t to create another page but to do what the Lord wants you to do and experience even more that abundance of life He paid so dearly to make available to you as a result!



I’m still praying!  And oh how I love updates on what I can be praying for you!  So please do take a few moments to share your application in the comments below and what happens when you do this.

We’re over halfway through this journey together!  May the Lord keep pouring on the grace giving us strength to press on, experiencing Him much as a result. :0)

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  1. Beverly Harris
    Mar 05, 2019 @ 00:27:16

    Deb thanks for your honesty, and thanks for helping me get into these truths better!


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