I Am Not Yet Perfect!

Well, duh.  This week’s truth may seem to be a no brainer.  But take a look at how I beat myself up when I blow it – as if I expect I should be getting it all right – and that is a true measure of how much I do (and don’t!) yet embrace this truth.

Also, in week 6 we explored the truth “I am a saint” and that is so true!  Even on my worst days!  But that doesn’t mean I always act like a saint…  So in my present reality my current experience isn’t always the same as my true identity in Christ.  What am I to do with that?

Some people deny or pretend and hide – but that misses the point entirely!

In Chapter 8 of his book Who Am I? Jerry Bridges makes it clear – If you want to grow in understanding who you are in Christ, it is vital you embrace the reality “I Am Not Yet Perfect.”  If I think there’s anything good in me, I’m going to keep looking to that to prop up my self-esteem.  But the sad fact is that’s a delusional prop.    And can the enemy ever use it to beat me down and rob me of joy!

But when I embrace the reality I’m imperfect, totally resting in what Jesus has done for me, deriving my worth from Him alone, does that ever pave the way for me to keep growing in looking to Him by faith for my identity!  This doesn’t mean I don’t keep seeking to grow and become more like Jesus, following Him and obeying Him.  But my motivation for that is gratitude for what He’s done and to bring pleasure to Him, NOT to gain His acceptance!

In truth, I’m still not at the point where I always exult in my weaknesses – but processing through this chapter has certainly helped me get closer to being able to do this – and stop beating myself up!


To get started processing this week’s truth, click on “Chapter 8” in the menu above ~ and may the Lord richly pour on the grace enabling you to better understand and embrace this truth at the heart level as you do!

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