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The next “Who Am I?” Art Journaling Course 

will begin Sunday, September 14, 2014

 and will run for eight weeks

with new content being revealed each week as we journey together!

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This course is about embracing in the depths of our hearts our true identity:  who we are in Christ.  September 14th marks the start of an eight week journey where we will be exploring one aspect of the answer to the question Who Am I? each week. This journey begins in our heads with us seeking to learn what the Lord has revealed regarding His answers to this question. 

 So our starting place each week is going to be with Jerry Bridge’s book, Who Am I? and we will be reading one chapter a week.  Now this is a small book.  Most of the chapters are only ten pages in length.  But don’t be fooled by their brevity – they contain huge truths which have the power when embraced and lived out to radically impact our lives ~ and the lives of others around us!

The journey each week will be a three step process

1.  READ a chapter  

Watch a short intro video on this website and then underline what stands out to you as you seek to understand in your mind what the Lord has said to be true about who you are!

2. CREATE a page  

After watching another short video demonstrating suggested ways for creatively processing the chapter,  you’ll create a page to help you further understand and remember what stood out to you!

3.  APPLY & share

Finally, you’ll create a page highlighting how you intend to apply and live out these truths in your daily life. Then have opportunity to share your journey via Instagram and Facebook & interact in the comments section below with the group.

If you’d like to join me on this journey, you will need a copy of Jerry Bridges’s book Who Am I?  (You can find it at Amazon. com) and a multi media art journal (I use Canson’s 7×10, with 98lb paper – you can get this at any Michaels or even Walmart), a box of crayons or colored pencils – all other art supplies are optional (but certainly can add to the fun! ;0) 

Then register for the course by clicking on the follow button at the right.  You will receive email notices as each week’s content is added to this site.


I’m so looking forward to processing this treasure even more and sharing the journey with you!  

Because of Jesus, 




I AM _____________________.

If you were to fill in the blank, what would you write?

Would you consider your…

Ethnicity?  “I am African American, Caucasian, Asian, Hispanic…”

Position ? “I am a campus minster, doctor, lawyer, teacher, stay at home mom…”

Personality Type ? “I am an ENFP, ISTJ, ESFJ, INTP…”

Gender ? “I am a female, male…” (hey, Facebook now offers over 50 options for this!)

Marital status ? “I am single, engaged, married, widowed, divorced…”

Sexual Preference ? “I am heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual…”

Political Affiliation ? “I am a democrat, republican, libertarian…”

Recreational preference ? “I am a snow boarder, kayaker, mountain climber, ski bum…”

Emotions ? “I am happy, sad, angry, mad, bitter…”

Home state?  “I am a Floridian, Texan, Californian…”

Favorite Team?  “I am a Gator fan, Seminole, Badger…”

Handicap?  “I am deaf, blind, obsessive compulsive…”

Weaknesses?  “I am a klutz, organizationally challenged, left footed…”

Talents?  “I am a great singer, piano player, dancer, artist…”

Past Accomplishments?  “I am a former cheerleader, football player, world chess champion…”

While any these things may be true, and may help to identify you and you may identify with them, for the believer they are not your primary identity. During the next eight weeks we are going to take a close look at five foundational aspects of identity that are true for every person who has placed their trust in the Son of God.

1. I am a Creature  

2. I am In Christ  

3. I am Justified  

4. I am an adopted Son of God  

5. I am a new creation  

6. I am a saint  

7. I am God’s Servant  

8. I am not yet perfect

Bet you can’t wait till we get to that last one!  ;0)

To really understand and grasp these truths in the depths of who you are can have a profound impact on your life.  Sadly, this is easier said, than done. But in James 1:5 the Lord makes an astounding offer, “If any of you lacks wisdom he should ask of God who gives generously to all without finding fault and it will be given him.” Remember wisdom isn’t just understanding something but knowing what it looks like lived out in every day life. Why not take a few minutes now to pray through the five truths of your identity listed above and ask the Lord to give you wisdom to understand and live them out in your life – and to help you partner well with Him as He works through this course to do this very thing!  It will take time and intentionality for this to happen, and there is definitely one person who does NOT want you to grow in this…!

Remember the enemy is on the prowl (1 Peter 5:8), desperately desiring to rob and destroy you (John 10:10).  Ask the Lord to protect you, especially from ways Satan may try to distract you from pressing on in this journey (Ephesians 6:18).  Thankfully, greater is He who is in you, than he who is in the world! (1 John 4:4). Jesus says “Apart from me you can do nothing!” (John 15:5) and is that ever true when it concerns growth (1 Corinthians 3:7), but we do have a key role to play in cooperating with what He wants to do in us (Hebrews 5:12-14).

Prayer is a beautiful and highly effective way to start. (James 5:16b) And does it ever bring joy to the One who gave you your identity in the first place!        

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